About Us

Where We Started

We started out doing small home maintenance projects for family & friends. Over the years, we’ve mastered our craft, and began working on bigger and better projects. We’re passionate for our work, and have a strong belief that any space you spend a considerable amount of time living in should both look good, and feel good.

A living space can be much more than a den or a bedroom. We’ve turned everything from kitchens to office spaces into beautiful, lavish Creative Edge Living Spaces.

Our Goal

At the heart of each one of our projects is the intersection of creativity and luxury. Whether you need a space to relax & unwind, or a space to work & stay productive, our goal is simple:

Beautiful Spaces, Lavish Living in your Creative Edge Living Space.

Click below to see some work we’ve done, and get in touch with us today see how we can help you build your Creative Edge Living Space!

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